Pool Table Installations in Akron

Professional Pool Table Installations Service

If you’re looking to have your pool table installations professionally taken care of, we can certainly help with the service. We can also take care of many other pool table services including pool table refelting, replacing cushion rubber and a complete professional pool table move. In case this is your first pool table that you are in the process of moving, feel free to visit our pool table room sizes page if you aren’t sure if it will fit.

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Get your billiard table installation done the right way

We have been providing premium pool table installations, expert pool table repair, and many other pool table services years. Also, our services are guaranteed in writing for an entire year by a national organization.

We are the only company in the area authorized to issue this exclusive guarantee to our customers. If within a year of service an issue related to our work arises, Our team will come back and fix said issues at completely no charge.

Pool table installations are complex in nature and should be taken care of by qualified pool table movers. Since we move pool tables we naturally have experience in the pool table installation side of the business.

We take pride in being the only company in the area that warrants the pool table felt we provide against any tears or manufacturer’s defects.

Your pool table assembly is the ideal time to refelt

Many of our customers choose to replace the felt of their pool table at the time of assembly. The reason for this is that this happens to be the most convenient time for this service because the pool table is in pieces.

So if you are considering moving or buying a pool table, check your options for new felt so that you are prepared when you schedule the pool table assembly and if you happen to notice a pool table repair that needs to be taken care of let us know so that we can take care of it during this time.

Pool table assembly with a perfectly flat playing surface

During extensive leveling our technicians precisely set, shim, wedge, and level the slates using sensitive leveling equipment to make sure your pool table setup is done to the highest quality for optimum performance.

Accurate leveling is a must in order to achieve the best playing experience, even a high-end pool table will perform poorly if not properly leveled. We know how important this is and this is exactly why we guarantee it for an entire year.

Pool table setup handled by professionals, guaranteed!

Pool tables are put together piece by piece when built in the factory, Therefore, the same process has to be followed when taking care of the setup. Be sure you hire trained technicians that will take care of the service the proper way. Moving a pool table is also a dangerous task that could lead to property damage or even injury.

Each and every one of the pool table moves we take care of is covered under an exclusive guarantee from a National organization and the service is also insured to protect you against the unexpected.

You’re covered by an exclusive guarantee issued in writing and backed by The American Billiard Installers Association, this is the only organization in our industry that regulates Billiard Service standards.

The aforementioned guarantee will cover you for an entire year for any installation or leveling issues that may arise once the setup is complete or if there are any leveling issues.

When you are shopping around make sure you ask if your table goes out of level within the following year, will they come back and fix that for you at completely no charge.

We offer 7 days a week customer support, expert pool table services, liability insurance, and an exclusive guarantee. Please consider this when deciding on your service.

Pricing your pool table setup service

The pricing for a pool table setup depends upon a few circumstances, which we have listed below. Please have this information when you contact us and in case there are details you don’t have, we can help you figure those out when you call.

We are experienced in taking care of most pool table repair services, in case there are repairs that need to be fixed at this time. Sometimes said repairs are not noticeable we will inspect the table at the time of the service.

There are special circumstances that apply to specific tables, such as antiques or one-piece slate top tables. If you’re not sure of the style of the table a few photos will help.

It helps to get the following information before contacting us, this will give you a head start on your job:

  • Size of pool table we will be installing
  • Is the pool table in the room or will we take it up or downstairs?
  • Is your cloth in good condition or would you like to change it?
  • Is this pool table a 3 piece or 1 piece slate?
  • Does the table have a drop pocket build or a ball return system?

We can add Championship woolen felt or upgraded tournament grade worsted cloth for additional charges, keep in mind you save if we also take care of the pool table recovering at the time of installation since it’s less labor-intensive when the pool table is in pieces.

If you need us to bring the pool table upstairs, there may be an additional cost. If your pool table turns out to be a single slate top, we will definitely need to know the stair situation, such as turns or if going up or down since this type of table is extremely heavy and sometimes we will not be able to move it because of liability issues. We recommend you measure the size of the room where you want the pool table setup if it’s helpful, feel free to check out our pool table room sizes guide page.

Additional Services

We also offer a complete pool table move or pick up the pool table from a storage facility or on-site storage before we do the actual pool table assembly and if there are any pool table repairs you need taken care of just give us a call and let us know the details.

The ABIA guarantees all of our pool table installations for leveling and quality on all applicable pool tables for an entire year after service. During extensive leveling our technicians precisely set, shim, wedge, and level the slates using sensitive leveling equipment to make sure your pool table installation is done with the highest quality for optimum performance.

Also is worth mentioning that this is the best time for a pool table recovering service if the existing cloth is worn out or if perhaps you want to replace it for decorative purposes.

You’re also covered by our exclusive service guarantee issued by the only organization in our industry, the ABIA.  This guarantee covers all of our pool table moves for clients.

We will also pick up the pool table from a storage facility or your on-site storage before we do the actual pool table installation for you.  Just let us know the details of your job.

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Pool Table Assembly / Installation

How to assemble/install a pool table

There are many ways to do pool table installations.  A pool table installer may end up skipping many of the installation descriptions here and may also perform additional pool table installation techniques that are not mentioned here.  Please use this guide as a method of learning what is involved in the installation of a pool table, not a hard set of instructions where you can expect a perfect pool table installation if you do it yourself.  Experience in the pool table installation field we feel is necessary for the best installation service possible.

Perfect pool table setup

Assembling a pool table is a difficult task and should be performed by a professional pool table installer. There are a few people out there that would still like to try it themselves no matter what the outcome is and don’t mind installing the pool table and finding that after all of the investment of time, tools and money the pool table installation was not as they expected and they must still pay professional pool table installers to come and finish the job correctly.

After professionally doing thousands of pool table installations we do not recommend trying the task by yourself but of course, there are those who are that type of person and will do the pool table installation attempt.

There are many different styles of pool tables out there. We will only discuss the most common and popular style that we install today.

Installation of a furniture style pool table

As shown in the picture, a furniture style pool table has four legs and a wood cabinet or frame. Most pool tables come with the frame already assembled but in some cases, a complete pool table assembly will be needed out of the box.  Most pool table installations will be pre-assembled as used pool tables are generally the installation service needed.  Most pool tables sold new are sold with the pool table installations included and do not need to be lined up.

If it is not assembled, the frame will come with instructions on how to construct the frame. Once the frame is constructed, the first thing that you should do is put the cabinet upside down on the floor where you plan on putting the pool table. You now can put the legs on the brackets on each of the four corners of the cabinet.

You only need to put the nuts or bolts on the legs with washers enough to where you can flip the pool table and the legs will be underneath it. After you flip the pool table, you can put the legs in the position that they look the best and then tighten the nuts or bolts. Now you need to measure the pool table off of the wall and make sure it is in the position that you desire.

Pool table placement in the room

Pool table assembly requires perfect alignment in the room.  Make sure you do this before installing the slates on the table.  You should either center the pool table in the room or measure from the wall that you want to get closest to and make sure you have about 59 or 60 inches to the playing surface (usually about 2 or 3 inches inside the outermost part of the frame). You should also measure at two points on the length of the pool table to be sure that the pool table is square from the wall. You should put your level on each of the four sides of the frame and try to get the frame level by using shims. This will make your job easier in the later stages of the pool table installation.

Pool table assembly step.  Slate installation.

Now that you have the cabinet and legs in position, you can put the slate on the pool table. Assuming that you are putting together a three-piece slate pool table, you should be able to tell by looking at the slate, which one goes where. The pockets will be on all four corners, and two in the center of the middle piece of slate. You should put the middle place in position first and leave two other pieces about two inches away so that you can see what you are doing.

You should try to center the centerpiece of slate by visually looking at the side of the cabinet. Many times the cabinet has grooves on the frame that has semicircles cut out in the center of the cabinet. Once you have the piece visually close, you should take a tape measure and measure all four corners of the edge of the slate to the edge of the frame of the pool table. If the piece is truly centered, all four of those measurements should be the same.

Now that you have the centerpiece of slate centered on the pool table, you can slide the other two-piece into their final positions.  Perfect pool table assembly requires a good leveling job or the table just won’t play right.

The next step during the pool table installations and setup is leveling the slates of the pool table. Using a machinist’s level, you need to first determine which side of the pool table is the highest. This is important because if you start at the lowest end when you get to the highest end, you won’t be able to make it go down.

Start by standing on one of the ends of the pool table. Put the level on the edge facing left and right on the outer edge of the slate just in front of you. Put the shim on the lower side so that you can get the bubble even. You can generally tap the shim with a hammer or mallet once it is between the frame and slate. Once you have the bubble even, you can move the level to the other end of the slate on the opposite edge of that same piece of slate that is on one end of the pool table. You will put shims on both corners of the edge of the slate as close to the screw holes as you can.

These are on the outer edges of the pool table and be careful to not let the shim go under the screw hole (If you screw the shim in place, you won’t be able to adjust it later). You will have to move the level back and forth between this position and a perpendicular one that will help you level the slate in the other direction.

While leveling this first piece of slate, there are three positions that you will place the level. From left to right while you are standing at one end of the pool table. Once on the edge closest to you, and again on the other edge of that same piece of slate.

You will also place the level in the center of that same piece of slate, perpendicular from the other direction. Once you are able to get the bubble level at all of these locations you should put the screws in all of the screw holes. The best way to do it is to screw them all the way tight and then back them out about a ¼ turn. This will ensure that they have the same pressure.

You will now need to level that piece of slate again, in the same manner, using the screws and the shims. The entire time you need to make sure the screws have an equal amount of pressure on them as you tighten or loosen the screws. I know a lot of this information is hard to handle, but installing a pool table is a difficult task, as I had mentioned earlier.

This first piece of slate was the hardest one to level. From now on you only need to put the level on the opposite end of the piece that is already level and in the centered perpendicular position.

The edge of the slate that butts up to the piece of slate that is level, needs to be flush with the leveled slate. You can make it flush by using your hands and try to make it feel as smooth as possible. You will also repeat the leveling after you put on the screws, just like before.

After you have the pool table level, you need to wax the seams of the slate. The seams are the points that the pieces of slate come together. You can do this using beeswax, a propane torch, and a metal paint scraper. Use the torch to melt the beeswax and let it drip along with the seem.

Leave enough so that you can get the dried wax line a few inches wide. You can go side to side with the torch to spread the wax out along the seam. Once the wax has dried you can scrape it with the paint scraper. You should also fill any screw holes with the wax. The screw holes take a little longer to dry. You can then scrape them flat as well.

You can reuse the beeswax throughout this process.

Once everything seems flat the pool table slates surface, run your bare hand across the entire surface and make sure that there are no pieces of beeswax left and that there are no small holes in the slate.  When we do our pool table installations we use the cloth to sweep the slate pushing any particles off of the playing surface so they are not trapped under the cloth.

Now that you have an extremely flat surface, you can put the felt on the bed (slate) of the pool table. You can follow the following link that will show you how to put the felt on the slate and also how to put the felt on the rails.

Now that you have felted the bed and rails of the pool table, you need to cut the holes on the slate so that the bolts can go through the felt. You should use a razor blade and make the holes large so that you can see through them later. You also need to put the pockets on the rails of the pool table. The best way to do it is to only put two of the corner pockets on one of the end rails of the pool table.

The end rails don’t have the fold at the edge of the bumper. The other two corner pockets go on the other end rail of the pool table. The two side pockets can go on the sides of the side rails where the fold is present. You can assemble the two long side rails of the pool table. Now you can slide the rails together on top of the pool table. You will have four pocket bolts that will remain missing from the pool table.

Once everything is assembled and looks right, you can go underneath the rails and put the rail bolts and washers in by hand around the pool table. You don’t need to tighten anything yet. Once you have all of the rail bolts started, you can tighten the rails onto the pool table. You should start at one of the side pockets and tighten one of the long rails first.

You need to look down the long rail and make sure that the two individual rails are lining up properly. You can tighten the two bolts that are closest to the side pockets and check again to make sure the two rails line up with each other. Now you can tighten the rest of the side. The next step is to tighten the other long side rail in the same manner. The two end rails need to be pushed in to close any gaps between the pickets and rails and then tightened in position. Your pool table should now have all of its rails tight and in their correct position.

Now you need to go around the pool table from underneath and staple or screw in the pockets. You just need to make them look symmetrical, open, and pretty. The pockets have flaps on the outsides of many of them. You can now fold the flaps between the pockets and the pool table to make them look good. Finally, you can put the spot on the pool table and begin playing pool.

We also offer a professional shuffleboard movers service, contact us to get your quote and schedule your service.

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