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Pool Table Movers

Are you looking for professional pool table movers?

  • Professional and experienced services by Akron Pool Table Movers
  • Guaranteed, written service guarantee.

We are the only organization of professional pool table movers in the industry that offers true client support for our customers with the most technologically advanced systems in use today, call our professionals to get a price for moving your billiard table or if you only have general questions. Your satisfaction is what has made us the largest and most professional billiard service company in the industry.

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Akron Pool Table Movers, OhioRelocating a pool table

Moving your pool table with ABIA Akron Pool Table Movers in Ohio includes proper disassemble, transportation with expert leveling and installation of the existing pool table cloth. We handle everything from start to finish. We also cover all of Akron’s surrounding areas, such as Alliance, Cuyahoga Falls, Kent, Green, North Canton, Medina, Barberton, Wadsworth, Strongsville Ohio and more!

The ABIA Akron Pool Table Movers can refelt your pool table as well as new material if you desire for an additional cost. Guaranteed satisfaction and leveling on applicable pool tables. We can move pool tables from house or house and we service local businesses also.

We handle billiard service and leveling

Leveling Service

The proper leveling equipment is critical for a perfect game of billiards.  Inferior services may not balance your table properly which leaves you with the pool balls drifting to one side of the table.  Our billiard service guarantee gives you the peace of mind when we relocate your table that your leveling will be done exceptionally or we will come back and re-level your pool table free of charge for an entire year.

Pool Table Moving

We move pool tables in homes, businesses and even garages!  We handle every aspect of your pool table move.  Moving a pool table has distinct phases that need to be done in order to be done right.

  1. Disassembling of the pool table which includes loosening the pockets, staples, side rails (bumpers)
  2. Removing the billiard felt carefully so there are no tears that could prevent the user from reusing the cloth upon installation of the table.
  3. Detach the slate form the cabinet or “frame” which includes removing any filler that was used in the previous installation process.
  4. Packing the table correctly and carefully in the vehicle.
  5. Reverse steps 1 through 4 in the reverse order.

Pool Table Repairs

Have a little problem with your pool table? From pocket repair and replacement to dead rubber on the rails we have you covered.

New Cloth / Refelting

We offer new felt during a move and also refelting the billiard table without moving it.  Our customers can choose from over 30 different colors of pool table felt.  We use the highest quality pool table cloth the industry has to offer at this time.

Our professional pool table installers work with standard woolen pool table cloth and tournament grade worsted materials as well.

Moves to Storage

We will break down your table or move it from storage facilities, your garage or just another room in the house.  If you need carpet laid do not try to move your pool table!  Let us handle that 800 pound monster for you.  Taking the table out of storage?  We can professionally install the pool table for you.

Guaranteed Pool Table Installers Service

When you have a nice pool table to move, what are your options?  Our history as a family-owned business in the pool table moving and setup industry spans over 44 years.  We work with pool table installers in many areas and we have been exposed to the common practices in the pool table service business at levels that no other company could possibly comprehend.  We are the first and largest pool table service company in North America and our mission has been giving the client the best and most honest service possible.

We are the only company offering a written 1-year service guarantee that covers everything that the other independent pool table installers who charge minimal fees in order to just get your money can offer.  Traditionally, pool table installers are a one or two man service with no client support, genuine guarantees or even legal businesses in operation, not to mention insurance to protect their clients or employees.  Our team bridges the gap in those weaknesses with an entire team of customer support personnel that will always be there, even when you can’t locate your installer.  We have taken the business to a higher level and our mission is as true today as it was a decade ago.  Improving the client experience in the pool table service industry is our primary cause.

So what are your choices for pool table installers?

You can’t expect a good service to client follow up, customer support and a real service guarantee on their work when they aren’t charging enough to even do the job correctly in the first place.  Everyone says they guarantee their work but in our many decades of experience working with pool table installers, we have found that this guarantee that they offer will generally expire after they get your commitment on the job, in other words, as soon as you hang up the phone after giving them your schedule and address.  We see this happen too many times every day in the industry.

For the client who has purchased an expensive table, no matter how much they have paid for it and they want a pool table installer who can do the job without problems,  late or canceled appointments, pool table, and work is of high quality when they are finished, and their time is too valuable to deal with problems for weeks after the appointment was supposed to be completed.  We are the only real choice.  Our business is registered as a legal business, our service guarantee is written and backed by the ABIA and obligates us to resolve issues should any arise.  You will have a risk free experience working with our pool table installers.

Akron Pool Table Movers is backed by the only national organization in our industry.

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Pool Table Movers in Akron OhioPool table moving in Akron Ohio area includes professional tear down, transport and pool table installation with expert leveling.

We use your existing cloth if you are happy with it. Guaranteed satisfaction and leveling on applicable pool tables.

We can move pool tables from residence to residence and for businesses also.  We are well trained in our area of expertise.

Experienced, guaranteed pool table movers, Akron, OhioMembers of the ABIA, the only company in Akron Ohio to offer you an exclusive 1-year service guarantee IN WRITING and issued by the American Billiard Installers Association.

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Pool Table Installations

Akron Pool Table Movers installs new and used pool tables in the Cleveland, Akron area.  We come to your home, un-crate if necessary, cover rails and professionally level all 3 pieces of slates using precise leveling equipment that only dedicated billiard mechanics and service personnel know about using.

Make sure you tell us in advance if you want to refelt your pool table in new felt, when the billiard table is disassembled is the best time to add the new billiard fabric to the table.

American Billiard Installers Association | Akron Pool Table MoversOhio

Why use our professional pool table movers?

Jeff Black – I have worked with pool table movers and installers all over the country now for over 15 years.  I started working with them after spending a considerable amount of time moving pool tables with my father who began his pool table moving and repair business in 1973.  My family has 43 extensive years of experience in the moving, repair, installation, refelting and selling of pool tables.  

43 years of professional pool table movers in my family?  That really doesn’t mean much as there are so many pool table movers that claim this much experience,  I just paid out 1,500 dollars to replace rails and cloth for a client’s pool table after a professional with 22 years experience destroyed their table and denied any wrongdoing in the event.  This pool table installer caused an incredible amount of problems for their customer and for me but we make sure that we take responsibility and take care of the customer.  

Akron pool table installersWhile struggling to offer a “professional” pool table company in an industry that is frankly full of not professional pool table movers I have learned that the most difficult people to work with have been the pool table installers that have the most experience.  Not just for me but for the customer also, we live in a customer service oriented country and good service is not a luxury, it is expected. In the pool table installation business, unfortunately, good service is a luxury that is not often found.  

Every day we fight against movers who are not professional, they may know what they are doing but what does that matter when you want a pool table installer who show up on time, respect your property and your time and professionally install and transport your pool table?   Do you want someone to honor their installations against faults caused by rushing, not being prepared to move the pool table correctly or even people demanding cash at the time of completion making an uncomfortable situation for all involved with the pool table mover?

I can understand the psychology of someone shopping for a professional pool table mover because I have been working with these customers for over 20 years.  After you deal with that many customers looking for a pool table installer or professional mover you begin to hear the same concerns and questions over and over again.

Honestly, we don’t accept every customer, in reality, our pool table company selects our customers very cautiously because we want to make sure our customers get the professional pool table mover they are looking for and we want to be sure that we can service our customers, this is why our company is not cheap.

Why do pool table movers cause problems when you select the “cheap” guy?

Let me paint a picture of your typical cheap pool table mover.  

Characteristics of the cheap pool table mover, believe me when I say that I have experienced ALL of these over the years while dealing with pool table installers, I’ve seen it all:

  • Hard to get ahold of and does not return calls or emails
  • Unprofessional attitude
  • Doesn’t operate as a legitimate business, makes it difficult for the customer
  • Cash only does not take credit cards causing an inconvenience to the client
  • Arrives late for the pool table moving appointment with no call
  • Constant rescheduling with client
  • Denies any pool table installation problems after they have collected their money and have left your home
  • Borrows money from the client for gas to move the pool table to the new location
  • Vehicles breaking down during move
  • Arrives by himself and has the customer do the work with them so they can be cheap and win the job at a cheap price because their plan is not to pay anyone to help them. (You won’t know about this until it’s too late.)
  • Quotes a cheap price then after the pool table move is finished, ads additional charges, taxes, fuel charges, mileage etc….
  • Leaves a mess of staples, cloth pieces, glue on the customer’s carpet
  • Using drugs outside of the customer’s home while they are installing the pool table
  • Always talking negatively about their pool table moving competitors
  • Holds table hostage in the vehicle until you pay the additional charges they have kept from you until it’s time to install the pool table
  • Tells you they will come back and level the table “when they are in the area” then after two weeks you can’t locate them again or they stop answering your call
  • Has a full schedule and does not have a lot of time to serve you professionally, this is because the majority of customers tend to be cheap and not because the pool table mover is really that good, they are just cheap.  If you want service, attention and a professionally guaranteed pool table installation by the company that has the expertise and can pay attention to your pool table move, book your job with the ABIA.

This is a small sample of what you will encounter when you call the “affordable” pool table mover.  We can’t always control the pool table installer and the circumstances that they may cause, things always are prone to going wrong but we can guarantee that you will be taken care of and that you will get what you pay for from our professional pool table movers.  If you experience any problems with your table after we have done the pool table installation in your home, we will guarantee that we will resolve those pool table installation issues for you at no cost to you. 

We are the only professional pool table moving company that protects our customers with a written guarantee and 7 days per week staff to monitor your pool table moving/installation appointment and give you the service that you are entitled to.

Be wary of cheap pool table movers.  They will and always do tell you what you want to hear, sure they guarantee their work right?  Sure they have insurance right?  Sure they have 20 years experience, right?  My favorite line while they are trying to close you with their cheap offering is “I’ve never had a callback from a customer.”  Yea right.  You mean you never went back to fix the problem with the pool table but you did have a call back from an unhappy customer, there’s a big difference.  The trusting inexperienced customer may tend to believe anything they hear but with my experience with far too many pool table movers tells me that about 80 percent of what they say is not accurate while they are trying to sell you the service they offer.  This is why we offer our ABIA service guarantee in writing delivered to the client before we arrive to move your pool table.